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Welcome to our special customers’ interview article. I’m Francesco Messina, the CEO of Time for Sicily, and today I’m thrilled to have a conversation with Alex, an enthusiastic traveler from London who recently embarked on an incredible journey through Western Sicily with our Seven Days in Western Sicily digital guide book. Alex, thank you for joining us to share your experiences and insights about your Sicilian adventure.


Speakers introduction

Question (Francesco Messina, Time for Sicily CEO): Alex, could you start by telling us a bit about yourself and what inspired your trip to Sicily?

Answer (Alex, experienced traveler): Sure! I’ve always been fascinated by the rich history and diverse culture of Sicily. When I came across the 7 Days in Western Sicily guidebook, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to explore the island authentically.


Journey Preparation

Question (Francesco): How did the Seven Days in Western Sicily guidebook help you in preparing for your trip?

Answer (Alex): It was invaluable! The guidebook laid out a comprehensive itinerary that covered everything from the known historical sites to best Sicilian hidden gems. It also included practical tips on accommodations, dining, and navigating the local areas, which made planning much smoother.


Experiencing Western Sicily

Question (Francesco): What were some of the highlights of your trip, guided by our digital guidebook?

Answer (Alex): Oh, there were so many! The guidebook led me to explore the ancient ruins of Selinunte, the breathtaking views from Erice, and the vibrant markets of Trapani. Each day was a new adventure, perfectly outlined in the guidebook.


Authentic Sicilian Experiences

Q: Can you share how the guidebook facilitated authentic Sicilian experiences?

A: Absolutely. One of the best things was the insider tips. For example, I visited a local olive oil farm that wasn’t on the usual tourist trail. It was such a unique experience, learning about traditional oil production and tasting the freshest olive oil I’ve ever had.


Local Cuisine

Q: Sicilian cuisine is world-renowned. How did the guidebook enhance your culinary experiences?

A: The restaurant recommendations were spot on! I tried dishes like ‘Caponata’ and ‘Arancini’ in places frequented by locals, which gave me a real taste of Sicilian flavors. The guidebook also suggested a wine tasting at one of the Planeta Winemaker Estates, which was a highlight for me.


Discoveries and Surprises

Q: Were there any surprises or unexpected discoveries during your trip?

A: Many! One day, following the guidebook, I stumbled upon a small village festival. It was not in the itinerary, but it was mentioned as a possibility in the guidebook. The experience of joining in the festivities and meeting the locals was unforgettable.


Recommendations for Future Travelers

Q: What would you say to someone considering purchasing our 7 Days in Sicily guidebook for their trip?

A: I’d say go for it! The guidebook is not just a tool; it’s a treasure trove of information and insights that will make your trip so much more meaningful. It’s the closest thing to having a local guide by your side.


Exploring Hidden Gems

Q (Francesco, Time for Sicily CEO): Alex, our guidebooks often highlight lesser-known sites. Can you tell us about a ‘hidden gem’ you discovered through the guidebook?

A (Alex, experienced traveler): One of the most memorable was the ancient Phoenician city of Mozia. It wasn’t on my radar initially, but the guidebook highlighted its significance and beauty. Walking through its ruins, surrounded by salt pans and vineyards, was like stepping back in time. It was a serene, almost mystical experience.


Interaction with Locals

Q: How did the guidebook help in your interactions with the local people?

A: The guidebook included key phrases in Sicilian and Italian as well as a wealth of experiences called MEET THE LOCALS, which were incredibly helpful. It also provided cultural insights that helped me approach locals respectfully and engage in more meaningful conversations. I felt more connected to the community, thanks to these insights.



Personal Growth and Learning

Q: Travel is as much about personal growth as it is about seeing new places. How did this trip and the guidebook contribute to your personal growth?

A: Tremendously! The guidebook encouraged exploring not just places but also local customs and traditions. Engaging deeply with the culture, history, and people of Western Sicily broadened my perspective and enriched my understanding of Italy.


Photography and Memory-Making

Q: Your social media posts from the trip were stunning. Did the guidebook help in discovering photogenic spots?

A: Definitely! It pointed me to some breathtaking landscapes and historical sites that were perfect for photography. Places like the salt pans at sunset and the medieval streets of Erice provided some of the best shots from my trip.


Enhancing the Travel Experience

Q: In what ways did the guidebook enhance the overall quality of your travel experience?

A: The guidebook made my trip more seamless and stress-free. Knowing I had a reliable source of information for everything, from dining to emergency contacts, allowed me to enjoy the journey more fully. It also introduced me to local experiences I might not have found on my own.


Embracing the Local Culture

Q: Alex, our guidebooks emphasize cultural immersion. How did ‘Seven Days in Sicily’ guide you in experiencing and embracing the local culture?

A: It was fantastic for cultural immersion. The guidebook suggested attending a traditional puppet show, which was a highlight. It also recommended local festivals happening during my stay, which brought me closer to understanding the rich cultural tapestry of Sicily.


Navigating Challenges

Q: Traveling can present challenges, especially in unfamiliar places. Were there any challenges where the guidebook proved particularly helpful?

A: Yes, navigating the rural areas was a bit tricky. The guidebook had detailed maps and tips for rural travel, like the best times to visit certain areas and local road etiquette. This information was incredibly useful in ensuring a smooth journey.


Sustainable and Responsible Travel

Q: Sustainable and responsible travel is important. Did the guidebook offer advice in this regard?

A: Absolutely. It included suggestions for eco-friendly accommodations and activities that support local communities, as well as an interactive map for train travel in Sicily. I appreciated the emphasis on respecting the environment and contributing positively to the local economy.


Personalizing the Itinerary

Q: How flexible was the guidebook in allowing you to personalize your itinerary?

A: The guidebook was very adaptable. It offered alternative suggestions for each day, which was great. I could mix and match activities based on my interests, whether it was exploring historical sites or relaxing by the beautiful beaches.


Reflections on Sicilian History

Q: Western Sicily has a rich history. How did the guidebook help you explore and reflect on this aspect?

A: It provided fascinating historical context for each site I visited. Learning about the history of places like the Greek temples in Selinunte made the visits much more meaningful. The guidebook also suggested local museums and historical tours, which were excellent.


Future Travel Plans

Q: After such a positive experience, do you have plans to use another of our digital guidebooks for future travel?

A: Definitely! I’m already looking at A Long Weekend in South East Sicily for my next trip. The quality of information and the ease of use have made me a big fan of your digital guidebooks.


Adventure and Exploration

Q: Adventure and exploration are key aspects of travel. Can you share an adventurous experience facilitated by the guidebook?

A: One adventurous day, I followed the guidebook’s suggestion to hike the Zingaro Nature Reserve. The trails led me through stunning landscapes with views of the turquoise sea. It was challenging yet incredibly rewarding, and I wouldn’t have known about this hike without the guidebook.


Connecting with History and Art

Q: Western Sicily is rich in art and history. How did the guidebook help you connect with these aspects?

A: The guidebook had detailed sections on local art and historical sites. I visited the Palazzo dei Normanni in Palermo, which was a visual feast of mosaics and art. The historical context provided by the guidebook made it a deeply educational experience.


Culinary Adventures

Q: Could you share more about your culinary adventures in Western Sicily, inspired by the guidebook?

A: Certainly! The guidebook led me to a traditional Sicilian cooking class in a local’s home. I learned to make ‘Pasta che Sardi‘ and other regional dishes. It was a hands-on experience that connected me with the local cuisine on a personal level.


Off-the-Beaten-Path Recommendations

Q: Were there any off-the-beaten-path places you visited based on the guidebook’s recommendations?

A: Yes, one such place was the small town of Scopello. It wasn’t crowded with tourists, and I enjoyed a serene afternoon exploring its charming streets and enjoying coffee at a local café, all thanks to the guidebook’s suggestion.


Ease of use of the Digital Format

Q: How did the digital format of the guidebook impact your travel experience?

A: The digital format was extremely convenient. It was easy to carry, and I could quickly access different sections. Also, the interactive features, like clickable maps and links to additional resources such as the Google Maps pre-set walking itineraries, which were very useful.


Memorable Experiences

Q: What was the most memorable experience during your trip that was suggested by the guidebook?

A: Visiting the salt pans near Marsala at sunset was unforgettable. The guidebook mentioned this as a must-see, and it was right. The colors of the sunset over the salt pans and the Aegadian islands’ shape in the background were like a painting come to life.


Reflecting on the Journey

Q: As we wrap up this interview, Alex, what would you say was the most unexpected benefit of using the ‘Seven Days in Western Sicily’ guidebook?

A: The most unexpected benefit was the sense of confidence it gave me. Traveling with the guidebook felt like having a local friend guiding me through their home. It turned what could have been a standard trip into a deeply personal and enriching journey.


Encouraging Future Travelers

Q: As we conclude, Alex, what final piece of advice would you give to someone considering using our digital guidebooks for their Sicilian journey?

A: I would say, trust the guidebook. It’s been meticulously put together by people who truly know and love Sicily. It will lead you to experiences that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


Final Thoughts

Alex, it’s been a pleasure hearing about your adventures in Western Sicily. Your insights truly demonstrate how our ‘Seven Days in Western Sicily’ guidebook can transform a trip into an extraordinary experience. Thank you for sharing your story with us and our future travelers.


Francesco Messina, Time for Sicily CEO: Closing

To our readers, we hope this interview has inspired you to discover the wonders of Sicily with our digital guidebooks. Each book is crafted to ensure you have an unforgettable journey filled with authentic experiences. Visit our Time for Sicily website to explore our range of guidebooks and start planning your Sicilian adventure today. Do not hesitate to contact us instead if you would like to have bespoke solutions from our travel consultants (


Photo: Tuna Fish Factory in Scopello, Unsplash

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