The White Lotus Season 2 – The Mediterranean experience of the White Lotus hotel Sicily

The American TV series which put Taormina and Sicily at the heart of the Mediterranean hospitality scene with its unique charm and experiences

By Francesco Messina and Paola Giuffrida –

A fancy Mediterranean experience for the cast of the White Lotus Season 2

At the end of 2022 the American broadcaster HBO released the second season of the White Lotus, a TV series picturing the world of the American travelers going to Sicily. The White Lotus season two is centered around the White Lotus brand, a fictional resort which quickly grew in popularity with the first season of the series set in the Hawaii. In the second Season, the luxurious resort of the White Lotus brand is located in Sicily, where three groups of Americans decide to spend their summer holidays. Every group of tourists, independent from each other, have different reasons for visiting Sicily but their stories eventually intertwine and the result is a fun comedy with moments of thrill, mystery and an unexpected murder. This article is not meant to be a spoiler of the TV series, but rather a teaser focusing on the true Mediterranean experiences that Sicily can offer along the lines of the White Lotus Season 2. You will read about how the White Lotus cast experienced a true Mediterranean experience. Therefore, rather than telling the White Lotus plot, the focus will be around the experiences of the White Lotus season 2 explained.

Where is White Lotus season 2 filmed? It all starts with the arrival of the guests with a VIP boat transfer to the Resort in Sicily. The American travelers start noticing the beautiful coastline along the town of Taormina, also called pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. A wealthy American couple in its 50s, a multigenerational Italian American family of three men (the di Grassos) and two young friends’ couples will experience in full the true Mediterranean essence of Sicily.

Among the characters’ stories and situations the history-rooted legend of the Teste di Moro, the Moor’s heads which can been seen all over Sicily as colorful ceramics handicrafts, is presented as part of the plot anticipating that something mysterious or maybe a muder will happen. The legend tells the story of a Moor at the times when Sicily was ruled by the Arabs. This man falls in love with a local Sicilian women giving both a good time of passion and love in the Mediterranean style that we would all imagine. However, when the woman discovers that the Moor has lied to her since he has family and children back in his homeland, in an act of revenge she cuts the Moor’s head and places it out in public for everyone to see. This theme is omnipresent in the White Lotus where among all the guests’ situations, love and affairs play a central role in their Mediterranean holiday.

The authentic Sicilian moments of the White Lotus in Sicily

Among the many Mediterranean moments of the White Lotus Season 2 episodes, some are authentically Sicilian and some other revolve around the common image that Italy usually projects of itself. For example, a lunch paired with a wine tasting at the Planeta Winery at the footsteps of Mount Etna, the volcano, is something that every wine lover who travels to Sicily should try to discover the Etna Wines. Something which is not to be missed when in Taormina, is a sunset walk within the Archaeological Park of the Greek Theater, without any doubts the most scenic and panoramic outdoor theater in the world with the view over Mount Etna and the Eastern Sicily coastline. Finally, the discovery of the enchanting Sicilian historical villas in the countryside such as Villa Tasca near Palermo or the Neoclassic Villa Elena near Noto adds luxury and exclusivity to the White Lotus guests, reminding of the times when Sicily was not part of Italy and subject to the Spanish ruling or the one of the Kindgom of the Two Sicilies.

When visiting Palermo, the White Lotus guests have the chance of attending an Opera performance at the Palermo Opera House for a sublime Madama Butterfly, the world-famous masterpiece by Puccini. Furthermore, as well depicted in the movie Palermo, Sicily capital, offers also a younger nightlife around the city street markets making this city the world capital of Mediterranean street food.

On the stereotypical side of things, in the TV show a couple in its 50s rediscovers its love by renting a Vespa scooter and driving around the rugged Taormina mountains, with some hilarious moments of clumsiness which are totally normal for inexperienced Vespa drivers. The White Lotus guests also love indulging with lengthy apéros with Sea views at the hotel beach club. Maybe this is not the most authentic Sicilian experience, but it does remain a refreshing activity after a day at the beach or touring around the beauty of Sicily.


The Sicilian towns, the White Lotus Sicily Hotel and the Beaches where the episodes were filmed

The White Lotus episodes are centered in Taormina, the famous resort town located on the Eastern coast of Sicily. However, some of the scenes which are presented to be in Taormina, are actually filmed in other beautiful locations in Sicily such as Cefalù for the White Lotus beach club, Giardini-Naxos,  Savoca,  Noto, Palermo and Catania.

The White Lotus Season 2 Hotel location

When it comes to the hotels, the protagonist is definitely the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace which is presented as the White Lotus Resort in Sicily. From this old monastery completely renovated during the pandemic period, the guests enjoy a breathtaking view over Mount Etna and the bay of Giardini-Naxos. Many scenes are also filmed in the Four Seasons Cerami starred restaurant, a popular choice these days for all the White Lotus lovers. For the curious, the beautiful and chic pool club is the one of the UNAHOTELS Capotaormina, also featuring a wonderful view over Volcano Etna and the Eastern Sicily coastline. What is special about this hotel is also the private stony beach, reachable only by boat or by an underground tunnel excavated underneath the hotel.

The White Lotus Taormina hotel gives an idea of what this little town on the Eastern coast of Sicily can offer a unique and very exclusive Mediterranean experience for your holiday in Sicily

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Sicily is a lifestyle choice

In a nutshell, what emerges from the TV show is the reality that Sicily is about choosing the charm of Italy with the relax and healthy slow-paced life typical of the Mediterranean regions. While Italy can be stressful and crowded, Sicily retains a certain authenticity and offers a healthy choice for holidays with its warm temperature the whole year round, the fine wine and food options, the seaside, the wide and extremely various landscapes resulting in a true stress-free experience in the heart of the Mediterranean. help you discover the authentic experiences which will make your holidays in Sicily memorable, like the one of the White Lotus protagonists at the White Lotus season 2 hotel.


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